The Best campsites I have been to this year

Some of the best camping experiences i have had in the years.Its always amazing to camp but at certain times you are spellbound by the ways in which nature surprises you.

You got to get out of your comfort zone, drive of the city luxuries and get closer to nature to experience the ultimate wonders of the world.

Camping amidst the snow in the vast mountain landscapes away from the chaos is the kind of bliss i always want.

Camping on the edge with the mighty himalayan range backdrop

And that is home ! #TheHimalayanLife

To camp in the tea estates among lush green surroundings with dew drops to awaken your senses is just the kind of escape venture i need.

Camping in the tea estates of Kotagiri

Estate views from the tent

Camping on a hilltop and having the sunrise at your doorstep is one of the best feelings. You are literally on cloud nine!

Perks of camping on a hill top

Camping beside the river to the rippling sounds of water and the Himalayan valley as a backdrop is picture perfect!Couldn't have asked for more.

Serene settings of the Himalayas

In the valley by the flora

Camping by the gushing waves of the private secluded beach stole my heart even though I owe it to the mountains. If I were to wish to go to a beach it would be to camp!

The beach sand as a foundation

Views from the tent

Camping under the milky way with more than a dozen shooting stars glazing by you was a mystical experience that i will cherish for a lifetime :)

Surreal experience

Camping under a starry night sky with city light views on a freezing cold night was an experience worth living!

The million star stay

I think by now you would be convinced to head out and see the world as it is , so why wait, pack your bags and come join us on our next adventure.

Lets pitch those tents & create more memories.


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