Welcome to Wandering Ninjas          
Well lets start off by saying i'm glad you thought of travelling and even more glad that you thought you should travel with Wandering Ninjas.
We would love to make your travel experience with us the best and we leave no stones turned in making your trips a memorable one.
The idea of Wandering Ninjas hit me cause i used to wander a lot and i had this phase in life where i wanted to travel around but my friends were busy with their life, so i wondered do all the wanderers stop wandering cause they don't have a like-minded companion? To my surprise i discovered it was a "YES".
I wanted to change this and so i built this community Wandering ninjas where travel enthusiasts like us can unite in a forum and travel together to create great stories.
Its not just me , its more of you all that makes up Wandering Ninjas! So a big round of cheers for all the ninjas who have been a part of our journey. Thank you for your love and support. To those who haven't yet joined us, What are you'll waiting for? Come and get Ninjafied :D ul know what it means when you experience it ;)